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Die Galerie LIK stellt auf der 1. International Contemporary Art Fair in Malaga aus.

Wir freuen uns sehr bei der Art Fair Malaga dabei zu sein. Die Malaga Art Fair zeigt auf 6000 Qm 50 Galerien und 400 ausgestellte Werke. Die Galerie LIK ist dabei!

Art Fair Málaga '17 - I International Contemporary Art Fair, which will take place at the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga from June 30th to July 2nd, 2017, has already opened its call, and proposes as a novelty respect to other art salons the integration in a single space, the galleries that seek to enter and consolidate in the international exhibition agenda, as well as those self-represented artists who have not yet had the opportunity to have their work recognized and valued in its total magnitude.

With an exhibition space of 6,000 m2 that can hold more than 400 artists and 50 art galleries, it will become the second largest International Contemporary Art Fair in Spain.

Martin Gallego Montero, Director of Art Fair Malaga'17explains that "our concept is to generate a space of visibility, because we understand that there are many and very good artists who have not yet enter the art market, do not have a gallery that represents them, and do not have access to trade fairs, since in Spain almost all the trade fairs are just for galleries".

On the other hand "increasingly there are fewer galleries and many of them do not have access to the fairs, either for participation costs reasons, or because they are marginalized if they do not present a program of the exhibitions that have previously attended". That is why our slogans are "WE BELIEVE IN OPPORTUNITIES, AND WE CREATE THEM" and "YOUR WORK IS YOUR STORY, NOT YOUR CURRICULUM".

"We've thought the fair from a concept of service to the Exhibitor, focused on providing a space and facilities of first quality, and with affordable participation costs. A space where to establish a network of direct contacts between artists, galleries and the public, without intermediaries or commissions, promoting a new culture of collecting, and recovering the old concept of the Fair as a sales site. The public and the collector find it very attractive to be able to meet the artist, and to hear from their own mouth the stories behind each work", adds the Director of Art Fair Málaga'17.

Art Fair Málaga ' 17 hopes to attract more than 12,000 visitors in its first edition with the aim of bringing art to a wide audience that, besides touring the different stands, may participate in the lecture programs, conferences and live painting, performances and recreational activities.

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