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 8.9..2016 - 27.09.2016

Vernissage am 8.9.2016 um 19 Uhr

“ CENSURE AS DISSENT:   mediating illusion and fabrications as virulence undermining junctures in the mind’s endless canopy”

copyright by Ioana Anagnos

Auto-Biography: As a Greek-born migrant female, returned to my Fatherland permanently 4 years ago and having grown up in a pseudo-multicultural British colonized Australian community within a majority of Anglo Saxon Caucasian and living mostly within an ethnically diverse neighborhood it wasn't till Tertiary studies where racial/academic victimization began in order to deny my right to my chosen independence as an architect unless exploited sexually. I was raped for the fact that I refused outright....the self-nominated predator with support from other other colleague witnesses (hidden from view at the scene of the crime) who found humor, where I, disablement and moral outrage at their need to draw blood about such refusal. Similar to the acid attacks in India, I was disfigured ethically by not reporting them with the authorities.. . They never revealed themselves till the rumors where too difficult for me to ignore. The names of the protagonists are kept anonymous in order not to deface the authority of my statement, nor inspire the banality of victimizationIt became impossible to progress professionally with this stigmatization circulating . Disrespect, racial -hatred- misogyny etc. These all form themes.. because basically it is impossible to avoid as not to remain a victim, later diagnosed with a schizophrenia. I find this condition to be an act mental dissent, of the same mental dissent.  Dissent from the injustice and tendencies not to protect the victim is critical to defend my mind and reclaim my self esteem. As a self-portrait and performance artist,  I abstract the notion of censorship with ideas of beauty and conceptuality tied together with demystifying Architecture as an archaic edifying platform of the female body as an integral expression of hermeticism associated with Jacques Lacanian psychoanalysis and Secessionist ideal of origin and the limits of justice as insignificant as Georges Bataille's generic impotence that “currency" has as progress towards this sacred universal. i hope with this show to bring reference to numerous other such defacements of lesser mortals throughout history to contemporary colonies where they're social deletion is more lucrative than accepting diversity of humanity. #not in my name.

“I am the origin, I am every woman, you didn’t see me, I want you to acknowledge me, Virgin as water, Creator of semen.” -Deborah de Robertis, the Louvre 2015.

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